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AHRQ-Funded Projects

Trial of Decision Support to Improve Diabetes Outcomes

Description:Evaluated the effects of a Web portal-based patient empowerment program and EMR system on quality of care, patient safety, and utilization for patients with diabetes and physicians in primary care practices.
Principal Investigator:Cebul, Randall
Project Date:Sep 30, 2004 -Feb 29, 2008

Pharmaceutical Safety Tracking (PhaST): Managing Medications for Patient Safety

Description:Suicide is a leading cause of mortality among children, and the only cause of death that is currently increasing in rate. There has been recently been an explosion in the prescription of antidepressant drugs to ambulatory child patients, and there is concern that these drugs may sometimes have an adverse effect of increasing the risk of suicidal behavior. The PhaST project uses health information technology to assist clinicians in closely monitoring children taking antidepressant drugs, so that adverse effects like suicidality can be detected early, preventing harm to patients.
Principal Investigator:Gardner, William
Project Date:Sep 4, 2007 -Aug 31, 2011

Privacy and Security Solutions for Interoperable Health Information Exchange / Ohio

Description:Thirty-three states and 1 territory formed the HISPC, which aims to address the privacy and security challenges presented by electronic health information exchange through multi-state collaboration. With the support of its state or territorial governor, each team engaged a steering committee and a range of local stakeholders to 1) assess variations in organization-level business policies and state laws that affect health information exchange; 2) identify and propose practical solutions, while preserving the privacy and security requirements in applicable Federal and State laws and 3) develop detailed plans to implement solutions.
Principal Investigator:Hayes, William
Project Date:Sep 30, 2005 -Dec 31, 2007

CCHS-East Huron Hospital CPOE Project

Description:Created an information management environment that integrated patient care data, standardized practice variation and use of best practices, and supported the delivery of a seamless continuum of patient care throughout the health system through CPOE.
Principal Investigator:Moran, Barbara
Project Date:Sep 30, 2004 -Aug 31, 2007


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